There are seven technologies we brought from other planets and planes to quickly create a civilization. With a civilization like ujEwo, we cannot rely on historical progress, culture and infrastructure.  You will be born, grown up on ujEwo, and pass on ujEwo regardless of your age on earth.

And everyone who we bring here is from at least a semi-civilized place- such as earth.  So, the concept is to place all these beings where technology they do not understand is given to them. 

Noe On Technology

The first technology is gravity control.  There is a very heavy element which exists in this galaxy which can be mined, contained and directed.  Properly handled, it creates a local gravitational field.  Just like anything else, your physicists dismiss it until they discover it. Scientists would be better served to they don’t know how to do something instead of saying it isn't possible, and this is one of the most obvious and regrettable mistake that every scientist realizes once their life on earth is over.  A better approach would not be to say something is not possible, but instead say, how would I do it? We use this technology in two ways: to repel objects and to move objects. These are the first two energies which we associated with red and orange.

The second technology, we brought a power source which is much more powerful than electricity.  And by powerful, this mean that a smaller amount can do more.  So with something which fits in your hand, we do what might take an entire city's electricity.  Now you don’t know how it's done, but it is possible. This is the third energy, the gold energy.

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