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Noe On Technology(3)

For example, I will tell you this, many planets use a frequency of light which is unique. You have radio, and radar, so you must know that different frequencies have different characteristics. So, this frequency of light can behave with a power like electricity, only more powerful.  It is within your capabilities to harness this.

Your stubbornness is exciting to us- you limit yourselves rather than change.

Welcome to another green world, AGW, ujEwo. 

(note from the Chronicler: the basics of these technologies have been passed on to me. Please contact if you want to develop and have access to adequate resources.)

The seventh technology we brought manipulates time.  Time is not fixed in the way you perceive it.  Again, once you know how it works, you can then create devices to work with it, but these devices will not be like anything you know.  This is not a physical machine, it is a device that creates a “view” to another plane or dimension, so…quite a device.

All these technologies are used, sometimes two or three are used in one device. With seven technologies, we created a sustainable civilization with no long-term history nor infrastructure.  If you believe these technologies are possible, maybe you will try to figure out how it could possibly be done.  This is our hope, the carrot we dangle in front of your cart.