The third technology we brought is an understanding that you are created from an energetic design. If the design is known and can be utilized, then a body can be created again. So, repair and change can be done.  This is the fourth energy, the green energy.

The fourth technology we brought is control of quantum particles.  Where I come from, we can view and work with quantum events. So in the way you can cut up a mountain, we can organize the quantum level.  And some would ask what good would this do?  Electricity and nuclear power work with a force which is small in size but powerful.  So, what could you do with a quantum device in your hands?  We have created devices which manipulate each of these technologies.  These are the orbs which everyone on this planet uses, so this is the technology we use to harness all the other technologies for use.

The fifth technology is involves the astral ability to move from one place to another. This technology we reserved for the seven masters who manage these technologies on ujEwo.  For everyone else, this is a temporary device which works once, and has a high value, so use is somewhat limited. We felt allowing everyone to have this ability to move anywhere at will would hinder the creation of a stable civilization.

The sixth technology we brought exposes thoughts and feelings. This is based on a fact earthlings generally do not believe: thoughts are things.  You can’t see the reality of thought because it exists below the threshold of your detection, actually just below the quantum level.  But I assure you thoughts are things. But a different kind of thing and much more interesting. Once it is understood what thought really is, the next step is a making a thought device. 

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