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Phillip Edward's Message

My name is Phil and I leave these notes for whoever may read them.  I woke up in my bed in the morning, so I know it was a dream, there is no disputing that. After I dreamt of the same place many times, which is not earth, I have written down some of my memories.  A very curious aspect is that when I was there I wondered: how did I get here?  I didn’t know where I was, but it was not earth, I knew that immediately.  I stopped and thought about it the first moment I gained self-awareness, which may have been a minute or several hours, who knows.  And the days went by, and still I was there.

At first, I wondered about my job and thought for sure I had lost my job. But I did not want to come back anyway. I thought, there is some sort of time space continuum thing, maybe I live here now. I hoped so. How did this happen?  But then, you get busy, and you almost forget where you came from.

The longest I was there at one time was about a month, I think. Then I woke up, I went to sleep there and work up on earth. But it was just the next morning. I had had a very busy month away, but time had not passed. All day at work I was waiting till I could go to sleep at night and hoping I would have the same dream and especially get another month of free time.   

And then I didn't have any dreams I could remember.  A week would pass.  Then two, three, four weeks and no dreams.  Then it would happen, and I would find myself back in the dream of this place, and be there for many days, self -aware after a while, and then wake up on earth again.  

So, on earth, we just say:  oh, this is a fantasy, what a wild imagination that dude has!  I wouldn’t believe this if you told me, so there you have it. I promised Noe I would write it down, but really, I can't pass it on. It's too crazy. If you are reading this, Noe knew more than I.