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I suppose I have to start with the name of this place, but I hesitate because even that requires description. But maybe you will get a sense of the complex reality I experienced.  You could say I made it up, but I had to learn it, I didn’t know anything of the place, and had to learn about it.  And there were other people from earth who were there, and they helped me.  In turn, I have helped others who arrived. 

I would ask them, “Do you remember earth?  Or "Is this a dream?” 
No one knew.  Bunch of shaking heads.

But then, one day, I encountered Noe.  I really couldn’t believe it, even though I knew it was just a dream of some sort.  Everyone had heard of him there, like a legend, no one knew if it was true though some others had met him, they were rare.   Someone would say, I knew this guy who knew a girl who knew a guy who saw Noe.  And Noe didn’t speak, he didn’t have a mouth, or even a body.  He was just a glowing thing.   On this planet you get used to things that glow, so there was more to it than glowing.  

Phillip Edward's Message(2)

Throughout the experience I was frightened of him, even though he gave me a feeling I didn’t have to be.  Even though someone can be calming, in the back of your mind you’re thinking “I don’t know what the heck this thing is. “

So, I will be writing “He said…”, but actually he just gave me thoughts.  No, I don’t know how that worked. It was a dream; how exactly do they work? He said he had heard my wondering in my head and, so he would give me the information I wanted so badly, and said it would be “polite” if I respected the information enough to write it down when I was back on earth.  That’s a good example of why I know it wasn’t my own imagination, who would say such a thing?  Why would that be polite?

So, without words, Noe named the place for a meaning, which is: this planet is another green world like your home. And along with that meaning there were feelings that came to mind: be comfortable. This is your home, too. You belong here as much as anyone.  No one can take from you what I have given to you.  All at once.  A name, a meaning, and feelings I was “invited to have."