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Noe's Messages

We watch everyone there but not invasively. We can receive thoughts and questions.  Because he was aware of both worlds, he is the one we were waiting for.  Out of thousands who dream of ujEwo, he was the first to gain clarity. We presented our astral presence to him, which at this late stage is just a light or sorts. Such a presentation can cause insanity or simply the person is determined insane by the culture.  In this instance, we saw that many assertions which are insane are acceptable if the assertions are called fiction. You are fee to call this fiction or fact as suits your definition of insanity. ujEwo is a multi-plane construction, utilizing the 3 planes we know.  There is certainly a higher plane awareness of our shenanigans, and we often wonder if it was the idea of a higher plane being.  The common names of the first 3 planes are the physical, the astral and the causal.

Our time on the first plane- the physical world- is long past. We still have fondness for it and the challenges you face. The second plane is the astral, which is much more malleable. This is where the construction of ujEwo took place. The causal is where the power to do this task is generated.

We don't have a voice so we cannot speak as you know it. We contracted an earthling to write these words from thoughts I conveyed to him, he has a unique ability to be aware of living on earth and on ujEwo. We have been waiting for such a personality, and there has been speculation within us as to if and when such a personality would occur.

We don't have a name as you know it, so everyone calls us Noe, as though we are a single personality like yourselves, but we are not, we are a cadre- a group of entities, and each entity is a family of souls. By your reckoning there are about 5000 souls in our cadre. 

Through entity reunification of souls and subsequently cadre reunification of entities, we now experience a singularity of consciousness, though we remember all the lives lived by each of the 5000 souls, which was 14,786 lives lived from approximately 42,000 years ago to 1,000 years ago, so in your reckoning, we lived 14,786 lives starting in 40,000 BC and the last life was lived about 1000 AD.