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Noe's Messages(4)

A question we had was how can a personality live a life in two places, but as your life on ujEwo is largely astral projection, it is more like a dream and we have avoided timing issues in this way.  Make no mistake, your tethering, your silver cord, is to your earthly personality.  ujEwo is like a dream that is very real and you control. We feel we were very clever to create this experiment.  When you say I dream of ujEwo, it is true.  When you are on ujEwo, it is also true.

What happens to your body when I'm back on earth? You could say you are dreaming on ujEwo. It's a complicated time manipulation task. In simple terms, we have a period of several months where time is in flux.  This means that if you don’t return to ujEwo for a month, for example, you go to sleep on ujEwo and simply wake up the next morning on ujEwo, even though you have lived for a month on earth in-between. 

In the end, we are thrilled if you like ujEwo. Where we exist, that is all that matters. Be our guest and use, abuse, and enjoy ujEwo.