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The earthly part of you is temporary, maybe living 100 years, but the astral part of you is permanent. Your transport involves an astral function which you are not familiar with. The closest thing earthlings have proven is quantum entanglement. Here is how it works: We create what we call an astral outpost on earth. At night, when you sleep, you visit the outpost, and if you choose, from there we entangle the astral part of you to ujEwo. Some people call it a portal, others call it a wormhole or black hole. Characterize it as you like, how you describe it in your own vernacular is of great amusement for us.

On ujEwo is a corresponding astral outpost. From the astral outpost. The ujEwo side is earthly dreaming in reverse. It's a dream where you visit a reality.  After your earthly life is over, you will be able to study and understand our methods.

Noe's Messages(3)

On ujEwo, there is a continent island where the natives do not live and will not inhabit for 50,000 years or so. We have borrowed it for a thousand years or so. An earthly comparison would be it's something like Australia a long time before the humans arrived.  

ujEwo is within 50 light years from earth, so earthlings qualify as do about a half dozen other ensouled civilized species within that radius- which is the limit of our reach. Two of these six species are not bi-pedal simians, so earthlings have a specific advantage on ujEwo.  The two species actually live in water, and more closely resemble cetaceans or squid.   This is part of our curiousity: how does the native culture and environment impact a species on ujEwo.

 I can transport the astral part of you to ujEwo when you sleep but only if you choose it.  So, this is not forced on any personality.  As well, a personality may choose to stop their ujEwo life at any time, but this is fairly rare.  It is free to them, and quite a lot of fun, so most enjoy this adventure.