Noe's Messages(2)

The design of earth humans is such that your senses are only of the physical world. There is a purpose to this limitation, which is commonly known as the free will option in this universe- if you can’t see an angel or departed loved one telling you what to do, and there is no proof of angels, then you will do what you really want to do, perhaps not what you have a feeling you should do. This is the essence of free will. So, one question we have is what happens when beings who can't see spirits suddenly can?

ujEwo does have a native ensouled species which hunts and gathers.  Their design is the same as we used, so they do not know an earthly perspective where spirits cannot be seen. So there is less free will in this species.  On earth, you will make mistakes and learn from them. On ujEwo, these people have insight that an action is a mistake and so far fewer mistakes are made, but learning takes place at a much slower pace. It is interesting to us, even though we all lived on earth, that the perception that mistakes are a bad thing, to be regretted, is generally held, for the opposite- mistakes have value, will be true for many of your "mistakes"..  

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The ujEwo project is an example of what we do for fun. We found an inhabitable planet like earth which is not yet controlled by an ensouled species. We design a civilization, and then look for volunteers to inhabit it. The volunteers get a place to live and play, ujEwo is astral material overlaid onto a physical world- so this is much different than the design of life on earth. The design is of species which have access to the second plane and the first plane continuously. The closest comparison on earth would be that sometimes people see ghosts in old buildings. On ujEwo, the people have physical bodies, but have sense of astral material- they can see spirits.  We consider this is a very exciting design, do you agree?

We understand that this does not make sense, and the terms we use are perhaps not commonly defined on earth, and there is compassion and empathy within us for your state, as we were once in the same place.