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Other info will be posted here as it is received from ujEwons living on earth, which is recollections of dreams.  These recalled dreams may seem to have contradictory information, but Noe says that is just because everyone puts their own slant on the experience, so don't worry about it.  To assist in understanding this, I will add a note to each published dream to explain as best I can. Feel free to send your ujEwo dreams to  We will publish everything which is fit for all readers (i.e., kids included).


Dreams of Earthlings

Games For Earthlings

As the Chronicler, I inherited the original ujEwo papers.  The papers had two parts: Philip Edward's memoir and what Noe asked him to write down. So we are the "core" speakers.


On earth, we have created games which reflect activities on ujEwo. These games are supposed to be fun, and as you have fun you will create feelings, these feelings are often reflected in your dreams.  You will find your dreams have different structure compared to the games.  Congratulations, your earthly life just intersected the world of ujEwo.

These games are available for free in the Google Play Store and the Microsoft store.

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